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wedding ring and engagement ring

Is there a question popping up to your mind when you are engaged or hoping to be? Are engagement rings and wedding rings different? The engagement rings are given during the proposal. And newly couples will exchange wedding rings with each other during the wedding ceremony.

Difference Between Engagement and Wedding Rings

An engagement ring represents a formal agreement for a couple who agrees to stay together and build stable and life-time relationship for a long haul. Most couples will prepare the engagement ring beforehand, then wear to the lover at the moment of proposal. When wearing a wedding ring, it means that a couple is officially married. No matter when people buy the wedding rings, they won’t normally exchange until the exact wedding day.

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of promise. You may ask that if any style of ring can be the engagement ring? Definitely yes. From size to style, color, diamond or material, no matter what kinds of ring you choose, it can be an engagement ring. As long as the engagement ring you select shows your love and commitment, to whom you choose to propose. Whatever you prefer, although the one you choose, it is the perfect engagement ring.

Wedding Ring

Traditionally, both men and women wear wedding rings. Different with the engagement ring which may have shiny and exquisite design, wedding ring is more common, simple and understated. It can be worn alone, or with an engagement ring together. Wearing the wedding ring means the official bond of marriage. It needs to be worn along with the whole married life. So choose to the rings you want, whatever style.

How to Wear?

There are two ways of wearing engagement ring and wedding ring. Some traditional couples will wear both of them on the ring finger of the left hand. The difference is wedding band or engagement ring on the top. Either is alright. Depends on the ring styles or finger types. The other way is that some will wear the engagement ring on one ring finger of the left hand and the wedding band on the right hand’s ring finger. In this way, they could match well as both the bride and the groom usually receive wedding bands now.

After all, although engagement and wedding rings are different, they are all around love. Beautiful rings would look beautiful on anyone, regardless of what style it is and which finger they are on. We offer rings with lab diamonds. Whatever you prefer, we have the style you are looking for, with unique colored stone.

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