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White sapphires are becoming increasingly popular in fine jewellery due to their versatility and lasting beauty. As with time, people are looking for affordable alternatives for diamonds, and white sapphire necklace continue to have a special place. 

Hang tight, as this guide will take you through various types and features of white sapphire necklaces. At the same time, we will explain how you can care for them. If you have been buying white sapphire necklaces for a while, this guide will help you buy the right white sapphire necklace for yourself. 

What is a White Sapphire Necklace?

Like rubies and traditional blue sapphires, the white sapphire necklace belongs to the corundum mineral family. However, white sapphires are appreciated for their clear and shiny appearance, unlike rubies and blue sapphires. On a Mohs scale, white sapphires rank just below diamonds, making them one of the most resilient gemstones. Hence, they can be worn daily.  

Comparison with Other Gemstones

First, the White sapphire necklace offers the shine just like diamonds but at a more pocket-friendly price. When compared to moissanite, white sapphires are clearer. They do not showcase the rainbow-like flashes that are present in moissanite. So, if you want classic beauty while looking for a necklace, a white sapphire necklace is the way to go! Some of the most beautiful white sapphire necklaces offered by Sayabling are the Antique 5ct Round Cut White Sapphire Necklace and the 60ctw Multi-Cut White Sapphire Two-Tone Necklace. 

Benefits and Features of White Sapphires in Necklaces

  • Affordability: The white sapphire necklace offers a pocket-friendly alternative to diamonds without compromising elegance and shine. 
  • Durability: Scoring an excellent score of 9.5 on a Mohs scale, sayabling’s white sapphire necklaces are one of the most resilient around the globe. 
  • Brilliance: When it comes to brilliance, clarity and brightness, a white sapphire necklace is one of the best options out there. 

Types of White Sapphire Necklaces

White Sapphire Pendant Necklace

The white sapphire pendant necklace is the best choice if you are looking for a necklace that offers beauty yet simplicity. This necklace carries only one white sapphire as its focal point. The focal point gemstone highlights a minimalistic design that increases the stone’s elegance. The pendant-style necklace is versatile and can be used in formal and casual settings.  

White Sapphire Tennis Necklace

If you love luxury, then a white sapphire tennis necklace is for you. These necklaces feature white sapphires in a line, highlighting a gorgeous look. The brightness of the stones is aligned to emit lavishness and urbanity. 

White Sapphire Tennis Necklace Gold

Imagine combining luxurious gold with a brilliant white sapphire. The combination will offer a white sapphire tennis necklace, the symbol of abundance. The luxury of gold adds to the shine of white sapphires, resulting in an outstanding piece for special events. 

Materials and Settings

White Gold Sapphire Necklace

As the name indicates, a white sapphire necklace combines white gold and white sapphires. If you love modern beauty, this combination is for you. The white gold enhances the shine of the white sapphires, resulting in a gorgeous necklace. 

White Sapphire Gold Necklace

If you blend the warm appeal of gold with the eye-catching shine of white sapphire, you will have a white sapphire gold necklace. This setting just adds to the variety of white sapphire necklaces, which can be worn with any dress at any event. 

White Gold Pink Sapphire Necklace

Looking for something that stands out? White gold pink sapphire can be your choice. The soft pinkish shade of sapphire and the glossy appeal of white gold in a white-gold pink sapphire necklace offer a feminine feel. The combination is specifically for those who are looking to add colour to their jewellery collection while sticking to elegance. 

Pink Sapphire Vintage Pendant Necklace

Choosing the Right White Sapphire Necklace

Selecting the perfect white sapphire necklace involves considering various factors such as style, occasion, and personal taste. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Choosing the best white sapphire necklace could be a critical process. You must consider various factors, including style, event and taste. We have jotted down a few tips to help you make the right decision; 

Factors to Consider

  • Style: It’s essential to understand what style you are looking for. There are various styles, including pendants, tennis and other styles. 
  • Occasion: The 2nd step is deciding where to wear the necklace. For everyday wear, a pendant necklace could be a good choice. White is for special events, and you can wear a tennis necklace. 
  • Personal Taste: Last but not least, pick a design that matches your taste. Everyone has a unique taste; choose the one that suits your wardrobe. 

Matching with Outfits and Other Jewelry

A white sapphire necklace can be worn in versatile settings, including special events and everyday life. For a statement look, it’s best to wear it with gold or silver accessories. If you love bold styles, matching them with coloured stones can be the best choice. 

Popular Styles and Trends

White sapphire necklaces are not only durable but also in trend. Currently, minimalist, vintage, and mixed designs are in trend. Fashion influencers and celebrities can be seen wearing white sapphire necklaces, increasing their popularity. 

Celebrity Influences and Popular Culture References

Many celebs, including Katie Holmes, Keira Knightley, and Jessica Simpson, were seen wearing white sapphire necklaces at their special events. This has increased the popularity of white sapphire necklaces, making them a must-have accessory for fashion enthusiasts. 

Caring for Your White Sapphire Necklace

Like everything, a white sapphire necklace demands proper care and maintenance to stay shiny for a long time. We have listed a few tips to help you maintain your white sapphire necklace. 

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Cleaning: Use a soft cloth and mild soap to clean your necklace. This will effectively remove dirt and oil from the jewellery. Do not expose your necklace to harsh chemicals to protect it from damage. 
  • Professional Checkups: To ensure that your necklace’s settings are secured and stones are in good condition, it’s recommended that you get it checked by a professional. 

Cleaning and Storage Advice

  • Storage: Store your white sapphire necklaces in a separate place to avoid scratches and tangles. 
  • Avoid Exposure: Do not expose your necklace to harsh chemicals, high temperatures, or direct sunlight to protect it from damage. 

Final Thoughts 

Getting a white sapphire necklace from Sayabling signifies that you have embraced beauty, lasting glamour and resilience. Whether you are looking for a pendant necklace, statement necklace, or vintage necklace, we have it all for you. Discover our wide range of white sapphire necklaces, and get the one that suits your style and personality. 


What is the best way to care for sapphire necklaces?

Use a soft cloth and mild soap to clean your necklace. This will effectively remove dirt and oil from the jewellery. To protect it from damage, do not expose your necklace to harsh chemicals. 

How do I choose between a white sapphire and a diamond necklace?

When choosing between a white sapphire necklaces and a diamond necklace, consider the budget, shine, and resilience you are looking for. A white sapphire necklace is more pocket-friendly, while diamonds are a little less shiny and hard. 

Can pendant necklaces be customized?

Yes, we have customizable pendant necklaces available at Sayabling. 

What occasions are most suitable for wearing a royal emerald necklace?

Royal emerald necklaces are suitable for formal events, weddings, and special occasions. Their luxurious feel makes them a perfect choice for all occasions. 

How do I maintain the sparkle of my diamond tennis necklace?

Use a soft cloth and mild soap to clean your diamond tennis necklace. This will effectively remove dirt and oil from the jewellery. To protect it from damage, do not expose your necklace to harsh chemicals. Please keep it in a separate place to avoid scratches and tangles.

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