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Shine As You Are

A birthstone is a gemstone. And every month has assigning gemstones. But different from most of other months, June had three birthstones which are pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. It is one of the only three birth months to have as many birthstones. The other two months have three birthstones are August and December. Each birthstone in June is natural and beautiful. So June birthday gift will give you more choices.

Although the birthstone differs in every specific month, it doesn’t mean that you can only wear your birthstone in that exact month. And you can definitely wear your birthstone all year round.


And today, we will focus on Pearl as June birthstone in this article. Pearls are the only gems found within living creatures. However, the natural pearls are extremely rare now as most pearls in the market now are cultivated. As the traditional June birthstone, so if we consider the birthday or some special gift in this month, it will be very unique. And when talking about jewelry, the design included pearls is elegant and will be considered to gift. Pearls are used in necklaces, rings, and earrings, and we have beautiful designs to recommend.

This pearl necklace has a unique design of the butterfly in the center is the main shine which made the necklace more vivid. Besides, the pearls all around the necklace look more attractive.

This oval cut purple ring looks really special, and 10 carat purple stone in the center and the little pearl all around. And wearing this ring in your birthday party or other occasions will help you catch more eyes.

Just a normal designed earrings, but the pearls made the dropping earrings a little different. And you can match with outfit or party wearing.

As we may know that, birthstones symbolize the power in some aspect. Some believe that you will be connected to the power and qualities by wearing your own birthstone. But no matter you believe or not, give a try, and you can just wear your birthstones to bring good fortune in the month you born.

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