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In the past, when we talked about the engagement or wedding rings, most of us will only think of the real diamond. But now, lab grown diamonds have grown in popularity and become a viable choice for some couples when selecting a diamond ring. Some think that love is real, so the diamonds should be real too. This is the basic respect to love, commitment and a new relationship. And some may think that if buying a ring which is considered synthetic, it will not line up with our notions of romance and love. How do you think about the Lab Grown diamond? Read this article and then you may get the conclusion. Take some moments to know more about the Lab Grown diamonds. And you might be surprised by this option.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are also referred to lab created diamonds, which are man-made diamonds comparing to the natural diamonds. And from the name you will know that it is made in a controlled laboratory environment by using advanced techniques. Man-made diamonds have same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, and both come with certifications. The scientists are making the lab grown diamonds as close as to the real ones now.

Lab Grown or Natural Diamonds?

The idea of Natural Diamonds is romantic and comfortable. That’s why people have been keeping choosing natural diamonds for centuries. There is an attractive passion in choosing a Natural Diamond. You may ask that if the Lab Diamonds are real? The answer is “Yes”. The difference between Lab Grown or Natural Diamonds cannot be seen with the naked eye, no matter the color, shape or size. They are exactly the same with the hardness level and durability. So Lab Grown Diamonds are just as the same as natural diamonds that are mined from the earth.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

From the comparison we mentioned above, you may know that there is no much difference between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds. But natural diamonds are created in billion of years. In addition, the mining of the natural resource is really difficult. It is a complicated procedure which needs a lot of people to participant. Most importantly, it has a significant impact on the environment. In this way, it will make the natural diamonds expensive. In contrast, lab grown diamonds have a much shorter supply chain and make it ultimately less expensive. So to most of us, Lab Grown Diamonds are more affordable.

Our Stones

There are two types of stones we use for jewelry: Lab-created Diamonds and Moissanite Stone. For more details about our stone, you can go through our website.

There isn’t an answer of yes or no when choosing between a Lab Grown Diamond and a Natural Diamond. It depends. If you do not consider the budget, you can select a natural diamond ring and get another lab grown diamond ring for wedding ceremony. And there is no problem of daily wearing a lab grown diamond ring. So you can definitely save some money by going with Lab Grown Diamonds. And it will make you shine on your big day as well. Sayabling team is here to help you with your choice.

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